ICE New Liquids

Tue 08-02-2011

We would like to refer about a problem encountered, unfortunately increasingly on our heaters with closed cooling circuit, equipped with ICE.
The problem occurs with very different timescales, after some time or after several years, indiscriminately from the use or method or region / state in which  was sold the machine, is done with a casualness that does not permit the allocation of a trigger.

Some customers have reported the micro-drilling of aluminium tubes within the cooling liquid flows, leading to jets.

Several factors may explain this phenomenon:

- Mixing with the wrong concentration

- Water mixed with a high content of salts

- Electrostatic currents due to friction plates

- Use of glycol poor quality, or even "Paraflu (colour similar to our glycol, but corrosive).

To avoid the occurrence of other incidents we have dedicated ourselves to the formulation of a new non-toxic, low electrical conductivity, which protects against calcium deposits, corrosion, frost, and long-term, permanent enough to be called "ICE FLUID".
This new choice, unfortunately  more expensive than the original, will take us to the final resolution of all the inconvenience of the phenomenon.
We recommend to upgrade your machine and replace the liquid in the cooling circuits with the new preparation
"ICE FLUID". But before is necessary to wash the  circuit with a special cleaning liquid "ICE WASH" .

This will take you to the certainty of not having in the future, to replace damaged parts of your heater.